One word that best describes the latest San Francisco restaurants is “hip.” One reason for the growth and popularity of these types of hip and trendy restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries is because of San Francisco’s population transformation. Ever since the boom of the technology industry in Silicon Valley, San Francisco has become a very attractive place to live for the new young generation of millennials. Since 1970s era of suburbanization, San Francisco has now regrown and continues to expand as a bustling metropolis of cultural hubs centered on artistic creativity, ethnically diverse communities, and most importantly a plethora of boundary-pushing cuisines. So with the rise of the millennial and the renewal of the city, there has been a new market demand for hip and trendy restaurants, particularly restaurants that serve brunch, in all the neighborhoods of San Francisco.


Why Brunch?

First of all, brunch is currently a hip. A hip restaurant is about more than just physical appearance. The atmosphere of a restaurant, name of a restaurant, music choice in a restaurant, color scheme of furniture, name of dishes, and presentation of dishes are all qualities that are essential for a restaurant to be called hip. Restaurants like these are following the hottest new trends of simplicity and modernity. It is almost necessary that the décor of restaurants follow the modern, classy, and sleek trend. Neutral-tone colors for walls, warm wooden tables, and fashionably designed chairs all play an important role in the appearance of a hip restaurant as well. These restaurants welcome creativity, introducing bold centerpieces in the restaurant and unconventional dishes, combining ingredients that masterfully disrupt the natural order of traditional cuisines. I think it is through this bold act of defiance from tradition that is what makes these hot, new restaurants some of the best and most revered in the world today.

In particular, some of the most notable restaurants in San Francisco of today are the brunch spots such as Zazie, farm:table, and Mama’s on Washington Square. Zazie, which is located in the Cole Valley on 941 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (415)564-5332, is known for its French bistro style brunch, dog friendly rules, and long lines out the door. Farm:table is a hole-in-the-wall place on 754 Post Street, SF, CA 94109, that emphasizes the farm-to-table movement (hence, the name), serving only the healthiest and freshest ingredients straight from the local farmers market. And lastly, Mama’s on Washington Square is the one place that San Francisco locals always pass by but never stop to try because the wait time for this place is always longer than your empty stomach can bear to wait. These are just three of the many other popular brunch restaurants in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a city that settles for nothing less than a good hearty meal, with brunch being one of the most popular meals of the day. This is a meal that is typically eaten in the late morning but also extends to late afternoon. This meal combines breakfast and lunch together into one meal and is commonly served with a light alcoholic beverage such as a fresh glass of mimosa. It is not uncommon to see long lines out the door for brunch in San Francisco. One of the most notable things about brunch is its friendly physical presentation of food, which is both aesthetically pleasing and alluringly mouthwatering. In millennial terms, brunch in San Francisco is “Instagram-worthy.” Because of the age of social media and technology, food has taken on a whole new meaning in people’s lives. The inside of a restaurant must not only look the part, but the food that is served must also be meticulously plated. Due to the rise of social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Yelp, restaurants now have a new challenge to tackle, and that is to market to their customers by leveraging new technology, even if it means doing things the unconventional way.