Recruiting Events

Professional Connector delivers high quality experiences for San Francisco Bay Area professionals seeking networking events, social mixers, kickstarter campaign launch parties (kickstarter, indiegogo, kiva, etc.), turn key events, brand/product promotion, workshops and charitable opportunities, and more. On top of our event production work, we produce or co-produce 5 to 10 local monthly events, with a proven track record of over 50 events each year.

One of our most promising subdivisions of events is hosting recruiting events for a diverse array of businesses. From hackathons and competitions to expos and weekend retreats, Professional Connector has the skillset to elevate your recruiting event to the next level. By promoting you event through email newsletters and social media, and furthermore collecting the best-of-the-best Bay Area candidates for your available positions, our team at Professional Connector will promise you a great turnout for your recruiting event. Our team members also know how to utilize hiring platforms such as GlassDoor, Indeed, and Monster to filter attendees for the best possible results. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your company hire efficiently while being entertaining.

Recruiting Events


Recruiting events don’t have to be mundane: with Professional Connector, we offer a multitude of different types of recruiting events you can choose from, so you can assess your future hires while having a great time.

Recruiting events we offer:

  • Hiring Competitions
  • Expos and conferences
  • Happy Hour Recruiting Networking Events
  • Company-hosted recruitment fairs
  • 1-on-1 Speed Recruiting (speed dating format)

Key Practices for Hosting a Recruitment Event


When hosting a recruitment event, Professional Connector prides itself on following the practices below; keeping our events entertaining, professional, and inclusive.

  • Promote event diversity
  • Cohesively use brand awareness in trying to find new hires
  • Test candidates through creative, real-world competitions
  • Utilize attractive prizes, including instant hiring
  • Involve a keynote presentation to boost credibility

Bay Area Recruiting Events


The Bay Area is a major recruiting hotspot which is home to many diverse industries, platforms, start-ups, and companies. Between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area is not only home to the tech industry, but many up-and-coming fashion, hospitality, and retail companies. As a trusted event coordinator and connector in the San Francisco Bay Area, Professional Connector has the location-specific knowledge which both new and established companies need to have a successful recruiting event. Having coordinated events in cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Marin, and Mountain View, our team is equipped to help your Bay Area company thrive in finding successful new hires. 

Professional Connector’s recruiting event services work with several companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to find their perfect prospective employees. We help companies build their individualized brand and land perfect opportunities for new hires. By developing recruitment strategies and solutions, our team at Professional Connector delivers the best candidate pool for your businesses needs. We work with you to create recruiting events which fit your company culture as seamlessly as possible by listening to your businesses needs and capitalizing on them further in an effort to find solutions that fit. 

How can we help to make your event successful?