Professional Connector delivers high quality experiences for San Francisco Bay Area professionals seeking networking events, social mixers, kickstarter campaign launch parties, turn key events, brand/product promotion, workshops and charitable opportunities. We produce or co-produce 5 to 10 monthly events, with a proven track record of over 50 events each year.

We help San Francisco Bay Area professionals who want to connect with other professionals, make new business and personal connections, build their network, find new clients, and identify business opportunities.  We deliver programs and events that support business and professional growth.

Business Networking Events/Social Mixers


Our members include successful entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, bankers, real estate developers, physicians, technology gurus, sales and marketing experts and other professionals who live or work around the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Exclusive 3-5 networking events/social mixers monthly
  • Mix and mingle with like-minded business professionals
  • Make new business connections and expand network

Kickstarter Campaign Launch Parties


Professional Connector helps you introduce your products and services at a Kickstarter Campaign Launch Party. We deliver the highest quality experience with innovative events that combine socializing and brand awareness to meet your Kickstarter Campaign goals and objectives.

  • Personalized events and marketing plans
  • Access to 50k+ network of SF Bay Area professionals
  • Event marketing and support

Brand/Product Promotion


We provide a diverse blend of digital, traditional and interactive marketing strategies that help advertise and promote your brand or product to our huge audience across emails, at events, and on our website and social media sites. Professional Connector leverages marketing and networking mediums to promote brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • Customized Event Marketing Plan
  • Turn key events and leverage of new technologies
  • Access to network of local professionals and potential buyers

Expert Panels/Workshops


We provide expert panels and educational workshops on trending topics and industries such as Women in Tech, Digital Leadership in the 21st Century, Health/Sport Tech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, and much more. Professional Connector combines expert panels, educational workshops, and networking to allow members opportunities to learn about topics of interests and industries.

  • Expert Panels
  • Educational Workshops
  • Attended by 50 to 300+ people

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