Why is it important to have a business card?

In this modern era, business cards seem to be redundant with the emergence of e-Commerce and different kinds of networking platforms online. Your personal information can be easily found online and emails make networking and communication a lot more efficient. However, business cards are still important in our everyday life, especially in the business world. Here are a few reasons on why business cards are still relevant and important:

  1. Direct Exchange of Contacts – Exchanging business cards in person is one of the most direct and effective ways of introducing yourself to and opening a conversation with people. Professionals are more likely to call you back for the way you give out your card and introduce yourself shows sincerity.
  1. First Impression – Your business card is a representation of yourself and even your company. It requires less explanation about your basic information since your job title and your name are printed clearly on the business card. The design and cleanliness of your card explain your personality indirectly. Therefore, it is very important to keep your business card clean and clear to give people a good first impression.
  1. Professionalism – Having your business card ready at networking events and meetings shows that you are a well-prepared and focused businessman. It implies that you are ready and confident to put your name and your brand out there.
  1. Referral – If your business card has a unique or creative design, there may be a chance of people sharing your business card to others. This further markets your brand and you as a businessman. Other than that, if people are talking about a field that you are experienced in, there is a higher chance of referral since they can share your contact information efficiently by pulling your card out from their business card holder.
  1. Convenience –¬†Business cards are portable, especially when most people place your business cards in their business card holders. The accessibility and convenience of reaching to your contact information increases the probability of you being contacted.

The history and evolution of business cards may make them sound outdated, yet they are still important when it comes to Marketing and Networking. The Japanese etiquette of exchanging business cards shaped the formality and the effectiveness in connecting people in the business world.

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