Mobile marketing is, quite simply, how it sounds—marketing on, with or through a mobile device. With technology at the forefront of today’s society, it would be crazy for businesses to not take advantage of technology. Between the many modes of social media and the ability to create mobile apps, businesses should utilize all levels of technology in order to optimize their business through mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing has three major benefits for businesses—it allows businesses to reach a highly targeted audience, it allows for more effective two-way communication between business and customer, and it gives a more accurate collection of customer data. Customer relationship management is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. Each of the benefits of mobile marketing expands a business’s approach to customer relationship management. With the combination of businesses current methods of CRM and the use of mobile marketing, businesses will be able to increase their presence among current customers and reach a whole new wave of customers.

Here are six ways your business can utilize mobile marketing:

1. Mobile Wallets. 

With the emergence of apps like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, more businesses have started to accept such forms of payments in an attempt to make a simple buyer experience for their consumers.

2. Social Media Interaction. 

An increased presence on popular forms of social media can easily increase your interaction with consumers and provide for better relationships with customers. People love the idea of being able to interact directly with a company they support— such as clever Twitter responses or behind the scenes photos posted on Instagram.

3. Vertical Video Ads.

Since the boom in popularity with apps like Snapchat or Periscope, businesses are beginning to utilize those apps with vertical video ads.

4. Mobile Commerce. 

E-commerce has become a major contributor to markets with it reach $350 billion in sales in 2015. According to Internet Retailer, mobile commerce is expected to be 30% of all e-commerce.

5. Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Programs. 

With mobile marketing, businesses have the opportunity to send out coupons via apps, email or SMS as well as partner with companies like FiveStars to create loyalty programs for their customers.

6. via Text Messages.

For those [businesses or customers] less adjusted to the world of mobile apps, there’s also the option of text message promotions. Almost the same idea of email marketing, however, the information presented in a marketing email would be more direct and greatly condensed when sent via text message to subscribed customers.

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