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Anyone is welcome to attend any of our events and we hope to see you at an event soon! For the last 5 years we have had over 50 events a year! 3 to 10 events a month! Professional Connector events range in price from $12 to $35+ per event.

Introducing the Professional Connector VIP Member Program!

For only $34 a month or less you can now join the Professional Connector VIP Member Program!


Professional Connector VIP Members receive early notifications of events, can attend all our Professional Connector events including happy hours, startup mixers, expert panel events, networking and social events and more for all one set price of $34! Also get access to special VIP events, conferences, and workshops with our partners. You can also pay for the year in advance and receive a 10% discount. Join today while we still have the low introductory price!

We also have a Company VIP plan for two; Only $29.50 per person each month or less. Partner with a friend or business associate and you both save! Both will receive their own VIP user codes.

We have several membership program choices. Click the below pricing option which will take you to PayPal to start your subscription today:

  1. Monthly Plan; $34
  2. Annual Plan (10% Discount is 30.50 per month); $368
  3. Company Monthly Plan (2 memberships for 29.50 each 15% Discount); $59
  4. Company Annual Plan (2 memberships for 26.50 each 22% Discount); $637

After you sign up we will send you a welcome email with a unique code that allows you to register for any upcoming events without paying the per event fee.

Even though you can attend any event without paying we still require you to RSVP in advance so we have an accurate headcount and can have your name on the check-in list. If you just became a member and do not have your VIP code yet to register for an event you want to attend tonight for example, please email us at to let us know you will be attending.

Some events may have extra fee’s such as our Whisky tastings and Yachting events to cover the cost of alcohol or to pay for the yacht etc., however as a Professional Connector VIP Member we will heavily discount any extra cost and will go out of our way to make sure events are designed to be all inclusive. At the same time, we have partnered with other groups where Professional Connector VIPs will also get discounted or complimentary access to their events! Sign up today!

Have questions? Contact us today via phone, email, etc. or come to an event and we will be more than happy to explain all the benefits of being a Professional Connector VIP with you.