Professional Connector Accelerator Program

Professional connector works with companies all over the world organize and create the perfect accelerator program. Our accelerator programs advises on education, mentorship, and financing for early stage companies. An immersive, learning-by-doing accelerator experience designed for motivated individuals in growth-driven companies. Professional Connector accelerator program includes a mixture of keynotes, workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions, company site-visit, hands-on work, networking events and more. 

        One on One Mentorship
            Turn Key Programs
          Top Company Site Visits

What Professional Connector’s Accelerator Program Can Do 

Professional Connector works with companies all over the world to help them manage startups that want to leave a mark in the business world. We organize a lot of Professional Connector works with companies all over the world to help them manage companies that want to  mark in the business world. Accelerator programs encourage rapid growth through intense and focused learning, often cramming years worth of knowledge into a few months. We organize a lot of new opportunities for innovation and ideas. We work with companies and curate Accelerator Programs that would help market and launch startups. Our host and organizer David Mitroff, Ph.D. will work with you to design customized programs through one on one mentorship, advice and practical training on technical, business and fundraising topics to help you be the best business accelerator.

Professional Connector Accelerator Program adds value to your company  by providing the following:

  • Business Basics Programs
  • Product Marketing
  • Source Mentoring speakers
  • Keynote Speaking
  • One on one mentorship
  • Event Management
  • Insights on bringing your products to the US
  • Business Introductions
  • Networking 

We have experience in working and partnering with several companies all over the world, let us help you incorporate your perfect Accelerator Program.

Below, we listed some of the major companies we’ve worked and partnered with all over the world. We’ve helped implement an Accelerator program to these companies to help launch start-ups within their respective countries. Being a part of an Accelerator Program can help your company gain an insight of what to expect, build new relationships, get customer insights, and more. 

Companies we’ve worked and partnered with: 
We deliver the highest quality experience with innovative ideas that combine mentorship and entrepreneurship to meet your company’s goals and objectives. Contact Professional Connector to learn more about how we can get you started on an Incubator Program.
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