Kickstarter Campaign Launch Event

Are you looking to launch a successful Kickstarter Campaign? Are you looking to create a buzz around your campaign? Increase your brand awareness and campaign success by organizing a Kickstarter Campaign Launch Event and reach your target market! Let Professional Connector help you introduce your products and services at a Kickstarter Campaign LaunchEvent. We provide a diverse blend of digital, traditional and interactive marketing strategies that help advertise and promote your Kickstarter Launch Campaign Event. Professional Connector will organize the event for you, research and invite your target market. We are putting together turn-key events for you. Focus on your brand and product. We are organizing your event. You just have to show up, talk to attendees and present your product.

Networking: Kickstarter Launch Parties are great for networking with people across different industries. It helps in building relationships with people around you, and creates opportunities for your company to advance its products and services.

Engagement: Engage new customers and partners about your products at each event. Keep investors updated on product improvements as investors are less likely to back out from your project. 3 important steps on it; remind, respond, and reach out, are a great way to keep your investors and potential partners in the loop.

Goals: Kickstarter launch parties help you set monthly goals for your company and keep you accountable for achieving them. Every month you want to achieve the goals you set for your company.

Social Media: Build a social media community and use social media platforms to promote your events. Social media can be used to promote your product, events, and build your online presence. Social media plays an important role in your campaign. These platforms allow for others to learn about your brand, product, and services.


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What Professional Connector Can Do For Your Crowdfunding Marketing Campaign

Professional Connector produces or co-produces 5 to 10 monthly events, over 50 events each year. Our events include networking events, mixers, workshops, private company events, product launches and more. We work with your organization to help market and launch your kickstarter campaign. Our host and organizer David Mitroff, Ph.D. will work with you to design customized events to surpass your growth and marketing objectives.

Professional Connector adds value to your campaign by providing the following:

  • Research & Invite Guests
  • Research & Select Venue
  • Select Catering Menu
  • Secure AV Equipment
  • Print Banners
  • Send Press Releases
  • Hire Photographer
  • Welcome & Check-in
  • One on One Introductions
  • Hist Event and Moderate Presentation(s)
  • Provide Attendee List

We deliver the highest quality experience with innovative events that combine socializing and brand awareness to meet your Kickstarter Campaign goals and objectives. Contact Professional Connector to learn more about how we can help launch your Kickstarter Campaign.

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