2-cheers-eventThrough a tour that includes 3 presentations in America, and in particular on the west coast, 2 great traditional European spirits “Tsipouro” and “Rakia” were presented.

On Friday, April 27, 2018, the famous “international smoke” restaurant in San Francisco hosted a presentation of the European program “2 cheers”, co-funded by the European Union, Bulgaria and Greece.

The event took place for the 2nd consecutive year in America, and is one of the three planned “stops” as the other two will take place in Las Vegas on May 2, 2018 at “The Meet” alongside the presence of the WSWA program and May the 4th 2018, in Los Angeles, in SLS Hotel Hall as the last stop.

The spirits were a key component of the cocktail offered to the attendees, giving a new idea of their qualities, apart from being consumed in the traditional way.

Main Bodies of this campaign are Regional Vine and Wine Chamber “South Coast” Burgas & Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tirnavos.

Tsipouro is a Greek alcoholic beverage and its consumption is associated with religious holidays, as it is consumed in the period of Lent, together with meatless dishes. “Nowadays” tsipouro” still is famous among spirits.

This exceptional drink is the product of multiple distillations retaining the character of the Muscat grape variety.

The complex aroma and rich taste are elements acquired through the long aging procedure in oak barrels.

Rakya “Pomoriyska grozdova rakya” has a clear, transparent, free of admixtures, color, and a fascinating fragrance of white flowers and acacia, and the flavor of vanilla and caramel. “Burgaska muscatova rakya” is characterized by its transparent straw color, with a pleasant Muscat aroma, and the flavor of dried fruit, with a slight tinge of vanilla. Both drinks are with a light to golden color, acquired during their maturing in oak casks or from the addition of caramel.

For more information visit: http://twocheers.eu