The 5 Reasons You Want to Attend Dreamforce Conference 2016

Dreamforce Conference 2016 will be held on 4 October- 7 October 2016. The Dreamforce campus is situated at several venues in downtown San Francisco. With various kinds of activities provided, Dreamforce Conference hopes to inspire you to better the way you connect with your clients and the way you manage your business. You may not be familiar with what Dreamforce Conference offers and benefits you and your business, so here are several reasons why you would want to join the conference:

  1. Tailored Content – This conference is not like any other conferences. It provides more than 2000 sessions for you to attend according to your personal and professional interests. Some of these sessions teach you how to solve problems that you may face in the workplace with real life examples and demonstration. Also, these sessions are designed to fit people who are working in different industries and positions.
  1. Networking Opportunity – A lot of people will be attending the Dreamforce Conference 2016. It is a huge opportunity for you to meet people from different walks of life. You may be able to talk to and connect with business professionals you would not usually meet in your working environment. Grasp this opportunity to meet new people whose stories may influence or inspire you in many ways.
  1. Keynotes – CEOs from numerous companies will attend the Dreamforce Conference 2016 and give keynote speeches on different topics and themes. You would benefit a lot from their keynote talks in which they will be sharing their experiences and how they worked their way up.
  1. Learn from Comparison – You would get to meet a lot of people and learn from a lot of case studies. Try to compare your situation or your company’s situation with theirs and see how you can improve. This also helps you to understand the market and your position in the market. You may as well learn from their mistakes and prevent them from happening in your business.
  1. Your Choice – It is 100% your choice to sit in to any sessions that you find interesting. There are so many sessions and keynotes you can choose from. So it is up to you to choose on what you want to gain from this conference and which sessions suit your situation the most.

You will surely gain a lot of insights and experience from various activities and the people you meet at the Dreamforce Conference. Do not forget to register at https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/DF16/registration/.